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2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport


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Active volcanoes and glaciers cut the horizon like shards of glass, blindingly bright in the high latitude sun. Little to nothing grows here, inhabited only by rocks and the brave souls of Iceland’s hardy Viking forefathers who dared take on its unforgiving wilderness. Parked alone, is a 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport, seemingly nonchalant and comfortable in its surroundings, as if it were born in fire and ice – instilled with the spirit to go Above and Beyond. You unlock it with the cold keys in your hand, awaken the engine, and carve a path through it all, like Marshawn Lynch with a ball. You can bet those Viking ghosts wish they had one of these!

A Testament to the Model

This past month the Land Rover Discovery Sport traversed the near Arctic conditions of Iceland. Land Rover Adventure Ambassadors: Kenton Cool, Ben Saunders, and Monty Halls exhibited the vehicle’s…

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